STARFIRE EPEX™ Greases are manufactured to provide superior protection at a wide range of operating temperatures, pressures and speeds. EPEX™ Greases are multi- purpose greases that contain Extreme Pressure (EP) additives, rust and oxidation inhibitors and offer excellent mechanical stability.

Multi-Purpose Grease

EPEX™ Multi-Purpose NLGI 2 Grease is a general-purpose lubrication grease recommended for moderate speed and temperature applications.

Hi Temp EP2 Grease

EPEX™ Hi Temp EP2 Grease is a lithium complex grease that suits a wide variety of industrial applications. It provides a high dropping point and excellent thermal and mechanical stability.

3% Moly EP2 Grease

EPEX™ 3% Moly EP2 Grease is a lithium complex grease that is compatible with a wide range of industrial greases. It is fortified with 3% Molybdenum Disulfide for additional EP protection. An excellent choice for high shock load applications and high-temperature service.

CS EP2 Grease

EPEX™ CS EP2 Grease is formulated with a Calcium Sulfonate thickener and high-quality base oils to provide protection against a variety of temperatures and uses— extending service life for critical machinery parts subjected to severe environments.