STARFIRE HYEX™ Hydraulic fluids are high performance hydraulic fluids designed to deliver the ultimate in equipment protection. Formulated from premium select base stocks and advanced additive technology, HYEX™ Hydraulic fluids provide outstanding wear protection and extended operating life.

AW Hydraulic

HYEX™ Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils are intended for industrial and mobile service applications with moderate temperature and pressure requirements.

PREMIUM AW Hydraulic

HYEX™ Premium AW Hydraulic Oils are high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils formulated to satisfy a wide range of hydraulic equipment requirements and provide extended drain intervals through improved oxidation resistance and anti-wear performance.

HVI Hydraulic

HYEX High Viscosity Index (HVI) Hydraulic Oils are high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils that are formulated for equipment that is subject to a wide range of start-up and operating temperatures.

ZINC FREE AW Hydraulic

HYEX™ Zinc Free AW Hydraulic Oils are high performance hydraulic oils offer improved system cleanliness and are recommended for applications in which zinc free, low aquatic toxicity is advantageous.

R&O Hydraulic

HYEX™ R&O Hydraulic Oils are formulated to provide outstanding rust/oxidation resistance, antifoam protection and to reduce friction and wear.


HYEX™ Synthetic R&O Oils are formulated with premium synthetic base stocks to provide maximum protection. They offer increased oxidation control and a wide operating temperature range.


HYEX™ FRH 200WG is a premium water glycol hydraulic fluid that can be used in a wide variety of fire-resistant hydraulic applications.