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Best Products For Industrial Machinery

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At STARFIRE, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to keeping your production lines moving. Our top of the line oil and lubricant products were created with your industrial machines in mind to provide ultimate equipment protection and extended operations life. Here are a few of the types of products we provide to keep your industrial machines running more efficiently:

Zephyrus 320 EP Gear Oil

STARFIRE’s Zephryus 320 EP Gear Oil utilizes a proprietary additive technology that when combined with a fully synthetic, high-viscosity base fluid, achieves unparalleled performance, when compared to mineral oils and more expensive PAO formulations. It provides exceptional extended protection of industrial gears and bearings, subject to the harshest environment conditions and varying loads and speeds. Zephyrus 320 has been proven to run at lower temperatures than mineral oils or PAO formulations, giving you stronger energy efficiency and extended service life. 

Hydraulic Oils

STARFIRE offers two types of hydraulic oils to make your industrial machines run better and longer. While we do offer standard hydraulic fluid, our Premium AW Hydraulic Fluids offer superior shear stability, cold temperature performance and excellent rust and anti-foam protection in your machines. The premium oil allows for 5,000 operation hours, which means longer fluid service, less downtime for maintenance and more effective and efficient production.

Compressor Oils

STARFIRE Synthetic Compressor Oils were developed to provide protective lubrication under high temperatures and pressure in industrial machinery. Formulated with high purity paraffinic base stocks and a unique ashless rust and oxidation oil additive package, our compressor oils extend fluid and compressor life and provide a cost-effective solution for your industrial machines.

EP Gear Oils

STARFIRE EP Synthetic Gear Oils are the best the market has to offer for industrial machine oils at a reasonable price point. Our heavy-duty, extreme-pressure industrial gear lubricants are blended from highly refined bases stocks and extreme pressure (EP) additives, plus rust, oxidation and foam inhibitors. Our EP gear oils provide a thick hydrodynamic film between gears, exceptional film strength in extreme temperatures, full EP treatment for extreme pressure protection, resistance to foaming and heat transfer properties that keeps gear sets cool. By using a STARFIRE synthetic oil, your machines will get longer fluid service life and better protection and performance than conventional EP gear oil.

Ordering from STARFIRE
When you order STARFIRE products for your industrial machines, you receive more than just the best quality products for the price. We ensure the highest levels of customer service from the moment your order is placed until it arrives. To learn more about becoming a STARFIRE distributor or for more information about ordering from us, send us a message or give us a call at 888-258-8723. Also take a look at our STARFIRE merchandise for T-shirts, koozies, bottle openers, glasses, water bottles, hats, hoodies and more.

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