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Oil Price Instability

If you work in our industry or follow the news, you may have heard about the massive increase in base oil prices that have occurred over the past few months. Late last year, several major and independent lubricant manufacturers announced there would be a finished lube price increase. ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron and Phillips 66 said […]

How The Right Oil Can Protect Your Fleet

With today’s driver shortage, you face enough challenges meeting your logistics deadlines. The last thing you need is for a truck to go down for repair. One way to keep your fleet running efficiently is to use the right oil and change it according to your equipment’s specifications. Not only is oil crucial to engine […]

STARFIRE SENTRY Fluid Analysis Program

We know what’s most important to you is keeping your machines humming so you can get ahead. You need to know what’s happening inside your equipment from the condition of your lubricant to component wear and contamination threats. That’s why we offer the STARFIRE SENTRY Fluid Analysis Program, so you can have a snapshot of […]

Winterizing Your Boat Or RV

Now that fall is here, it’s time to prepare your boat and RV for the real chill of winter. After you’ve taken care of your engine, you’ll need to make sure you’ve cared for your potable water systems, freshwater systems, sanitation systems and air conditioners to protect them against freeze damage. If you don’t protect […]

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