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STARFIRE Sees Unprecedented Popularity in Industrial Lubricant Line Through Customer-Focused Approach

An image of a pail, a drum, and a large container holding STARFIRE EX lubricant on green floor

Hamilton, OH, March 27: Hamilton, OH-based STARFIRE Premium Lubricants has witnessed unprecedented growth in its EX line of industrial lubricant products. EX provides end-to-end service from product blending to final OTIF (on-time-in-full)  delivery, aided by in-house production and routine testing to ensure the highest quality. As an independently owned lubricant manufacturer, STARFIRE avoids the red […]

STARFIRE Expands Packaging Line

Gray STARFIRE motor oil containers on factory floor

STARFIRE Premium Lubricants STARFIRE continues growth with packaging line expansion. Hamilton, OH based STARFIRE Premium Lubricants is on the move again, continuing their rapid growth with the expansion of their packaging line capabilities at their PennStar blending/packaging plant located in Allentown, PA. This will allow STARFIRE to enhance service to their customers by increasing production, […]

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