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STARFIRE Sees Unprecedented Popularity in Industrial Lubricant Line Through Customer-Focused Approach

Hamilton, OH, March 27: Hamilton, OH-based STARFIRE Premium Lubricants has witnessed unprecedented growth in its EX line of industrial lubricant products. EX provides end-to-end service from product blending to final OTIF (on-time-in-full)  delivery, aided by in-house production and routine testing to ensure the highest quality. As an independently owned lubricant manufacturer, STARFIRE avoids the red tape of large industry suppliers, ensuring more customized services and delivery options for plants of all sizes.

Top-grade products:

STARFIRE EX is a comprehensive line of industrial lubricants specifically blended with select base stocks and technologically advanced additives, to protect and optimize today’s large-scale industrial machinery—in a wide variety of service applications.

End-to-end service:

A benefit of the EX line is the end-to-end experience featuring the in-house blending and product testing, individualized service, consistent supply and availability. STARFIRE’s in-house logistics offer more flexible order quantities and industry-leading lead times to get facilities the products they need, in the right quantities, when they need them.

“Our ability to control all aspects of production through delivery is part of what makes the EX line so popular.  It enables us to better meet customer demand by offering exceptional products and service–right into their facilities. And that benefits industrial facilities and their maintenance teams.” said Tim Wullenweber, Vice President, Marketing and Technical Sales of Coolants Plus Inc.

Since 2001, STARFIRE has offered a comprehensive range of premium lubricants, chemicals, and antifreeze products for automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial use. Their growth is driven by superior products and services worldwide, making them one of America’s fastest-growing lubricant brands. For more information, visit or call 888.258.8723 to get in touch with their team.

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