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STARFIRE SENTRY Fluid Analysis Program

We know what’s most important to you is keeping your machines humming so you can get ahead. You need to know what’s happening inside your equipment from the condition of your lubricant to component wear and contamination threats. That’s why we offer the STARFIRE SENTRY Fluid Analysis Program, so you can have a snapshot of what’s happening inside your equipment at all times.

With the STARFIRE SENTRY Fluid Analysis program, you can identify dirt, wear particles and other contaminants that can cause catastrophic failure or significantly shorten equipment life.

When you make STARFIRE SENTRY an integral part of your preventive maintenance program, you will be able to: safely extend oil drain intervals, extend equipment life, minimize downtime by identifying minor problems before they become major failures, maximize asset reliability and optimize filtration performance.

Why Sample?                                         

Regular sampling with STARFIRE SENTRY will provide the necessary information you need to continually maximize asset reliability. Monitoring results over an extended period of time will ensure the component is functioning properly and not wearing excessively. You will also confirm oil quality, extend oil drains to maximize oil life, reduce costs and provide proper protection for the component.                          

STARFIRE SENTRY Fluid Analysis Features

You can rest assured our high-quality testing is completed by an independent, ISO 17025 A2LA-accredited laboratory. Results are available immediately online upon sample processing completion, so you can have access to your data while you’re on the go.        

How Do I Submit A Sample?                               

Contact your STARFIRE SENTRY Sales Representative to order your test kits and set up an account number, login and password. Once online you will be able to access Management Reports, Sample Reports, Sample Submissions, Equipment Lists and the Technical Library. We’re here to help you keep your equipment humming! Stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!

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