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Winterizing Your Boat Or RV

Now that fall is here, it’s time to prepare your boat and RV for the real chill of winter. After you’ve taken care of your engine, you’ll need to make sure you’ve cared for your potable water systems, freshwater systems, sanitation systems and air conditioners to protect them against freeze damage. If you don’t protect these systems, any water remaining in the water lines or tanks can freeze, expand, and break fittings and lines, which can be costly repairs.

STARFIRE’s RV & MARINE ANTIFREEZE provides burst protection in potable water systems down to -50 degrees fahrenheit. Our specially permitted formula contains denatured ethyl alcohol and propylene glycol, which not only provides superior care against harsh winter temperatures and winds, but it’s also an economical alternative. There’s no mixing required, and our non-toxic antifreeze is safe for fresh water systems.

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